20m LC/UPC-LC/UPC OM4 Multimode Duplex Erika Violet Fiber Optic Patch Cable

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CableMax OM4 fiber optic cables are constructed of high quality UPC polished ceramic ferrules and LC connectors, this higher bandwidth 100Gig multimode patch cable has high-quality fiber glass for high speed, low loss, data transmission.

* Data transfer rate : 10Gig/ 40Gig/ 100Gig
* Bandwidth: 4700MHZ
* Core size: 50/125 micron
* Jacket color: Violet
* Mark RING

Connector Type LC-LC Multimode
Polishing UPC
Return Loss 35 dB
Insertion Loss 0,30 dB (typical)
Ferrule Material Ceramic (zirconia)
Ferrule Diameter 1.25 mm / 2.5 mm
Cabled Optical Fiber OM4
Nominal Diameter Core 50/125 µm
Jacket Material OFNR
Temperature Range -20°C +70°C

More Information
Color Erika Violet
Cable Length 20 meters
Cable Type Multimode, OM4
Connector(s) LC/UPC
Fiber Core 50/125 µm
Fiber Duplex Type Duplex
Fiber Return Loss 35 dB
Jacket Material OFNR
Operating Temperature -20C ~ 70C
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